Sunset Cruises

Growing up in Key West has been one of the greatest blessings that God could have given me, and my family. We have lived a grand adventure, surrounded by an ocean that not only has fueled that zest of life and adventure, it has also kept us calm and serene. We happen to live on an island paradise, where we get to see the greatest of sunsets and feel that calming effect, as we have watch it slowly disappear into the sea. By the way it takes exactly three minutes from the time it touches the ocean to the time it disappears. Three minutes every single time, not one second longer or shorter. It amazes me that God not only shows us the beauty of this world, he also shows us the precision of his power. Come on down to Key West, and join us at our sunset celebration. It happens seven days a week all year around. Let us show you the beauty of our island, and watch as nature puts on its daily show. Give us a call, and allow us to put you on the number one sunset sail businesses in Key West. We promise that our sunsets will inspire you and all of your friends and loved ones.

Sunset Cruise Prices

Prices vary: $45 to $75

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