With the rising costs of everything from hotels to fishing and everything in between, we at key west fish fun and stay/Capt. Conch have developed and fine tuned a great way to save money in Key West. That’s right and you heard it right. A private charter can go anywhere from 800.00 to well over 1000.00 depending on the length of time you want to fish. But check this out if you rent per seat the savings is substantial to say the least. How about 175.00 per person to 225.00 per person depending on the length of time you want to fish. What a great way to get out on the ocean and bring home a bucket full of memories, and some great eating. Not to mention meet some great people with similar interest. Maybe you can plan your next fishing adventure with your new found friends of a lifetime. Either way, the bottom line is this. Save money, go fishing, have fun and leave the driving to us. Cant wait to see you. Call us at 954 798 7764 for all your Key West Vacation desires.