Snorkelin Key West Barrier Reef

Key West and the Florida Keys boasts the third largest reef system in the world. Surpassed only by Belize and Australia. Join us on a snorkeling adventure in Key West. Dive into our crystal clear waters, and enter a world of magic and beauty. Where the Queens are called angel fish,and the Kings are called Mackerel. Visit Key West underwater Kingdom and observe all the King And Queens multitudes of tropical fish and denizens of the deep, as they dart in and out, around and about the coral reefs countless underwater ledges. Become one with nature as you observe the everyday happenings of Key West wild kingdom. At Key West Fish Fun And Stay we have a variety of ways to see our coral reef. Glass bottom boats make multiple daily excursions. Snorkeling boats visit numerous reefs and offer varying time tables. For the grand adventure there are certification centers where you can earn your wings oops I mean tanks and then go deeper and stay down longer. If you visit us be aware to respect the kingdom of the fish. Don’t touch the coral,  save your restroom needs for later and use eco friendly sunscreen or none at all. Come on down and visit Key West located at the end of the rainbow, where the magic lies under the sea and dreams really do come true