Private Boat Rental

Private boat rental is not for everyone, and I always recommend that you allow an experienced guide to take you and your friends and family, in order to feel confident in the knowledge that your guide will enhance your good time by getting you to some of our beautiful islands and hidden snorkeling reefs, if that is something that interests your group. In the meantime with the proper guidance and your following of the rules given to you these private boat rentals allow you to have privacy for your group and also allow for planning your own adventure. Our boats are safe U.S. coast guard equipped, and if handled correctly can lead you and your loved ones on your own private adventure.

Tool around our famous Key West Harbor with its numerous drive up restaurants on the water,get a bite to eat and a cool drink, or just enjoy a leisurely ride around the island stopping at the numerous sand bars and taking a dip in our crystal clear waters. P. S. don’t forget your picnic lunch and snorkel gear.

Private Boat Rental – Prices & Times

Time: 9:30AM – 2PM  |  Cost: $475
Time: 6:00PM – Sunset  |  Cost: $475

Time: 9:30AM – 2PM  |  Cost: $475