Key West Glass-Bottom Boat Tours

This is the best way to see the beauty of our coral reef system without getting your feet wet! As a youngster, my parents would take me out to our reef for snorkeling and picnics and my mother would always stay in the boat. She was not a swimmer and wanted no part of learning. So my father, not wanting her to miss out on the wonders of the sea, secured a large square looking glass box to the boat so she too could be a part of our underwater adventure. We would dive to the bottom and peer up at her and she would get so tickled over how well we swam and dove. We would always bring up little shells and trinkets from the ocean floor, so she felt more a part of our experience.

We have come a long way since then, and now there are Key West glass-bottom boat tours with AC, offering a comfortable way to get a panoramic view of the hidden gems beneath the sea.

Join the crew and make new friends as you embark on a two-hour tour to the coral reef. See exotic tropical fish scurrying through the coral labyrinth and look for the occasional predator, such as barracuda, tarpon and shark. Watch the schools of yellowtail snapper as they move along the top of the reef in search of their next meal. Experience all of this from the dry, enclosed A.C. cabin of a glass-bottom boat tour here in Key West! If it is sun you are looking for, there is plenty of room outside to enjoy the breeze and the sun as you search the horizon for porpoise or large sea turtles.

Come join us on one of Key West’s most popular low-impact adventures. Call 954-798-7764 to schedule your glass-bottom boat tour today!

Prices & Times

Time: 12PM – 2PM  |  Cost: Adult $42.95 / Child (4 to 10) $29.95
Time: 5:30PM – 7:30PM  |  Cost: Adult $47.95 / Child (4 to 10) $32.95

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