Electric Cars And Mopeds And Bicycles

One of the greatest and easiest ways to get around town, is either by bicycle, moped or electric golf cart. Especially when moving around the old town district of Key West. The main reasons being easy and free parking, able to avoid some of the traffic by back roading more and while back roading you get to explore the old neighborhoods that intersect and wind through old town. Find those hidden gems, such as ” Micheals” ” Café Sole” and many other side street restaurants that dot our downtown area. Get up close and personal with the old homes and gardens, as well as some of the best kept secret B&BS that you would miss if driving by car. If you see a neighborhood you like or a neighborhood grocery, with some great Cuban sandwiches, as well as our famous Cuban coffee, simply get off your vehicle park free and take a walk. Get to know our town by getting up close and personal with some of our local residents. The downtown area is known as one of the most beautiful and historic districts in America, and its residents are known for there friendliness and informative nature. So make your plans soon to join us in Key West and get to know us up close and personal. WE CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AND WELCOME YOU TO OUR CITY. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF IT, AND WE LOVE TO SHOW IT OFF!!!