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kayak the mangrove forest

Join us in key west florida, for a truly unique tour into our mangrove forest. Key West is surrounded by not only coral reefs, sandy beaches, flats and secluded islands. It is also home to the mangrove forest. Here in Key West there is no shortage of adventures, but this one truly stands out in… Read more »


With the rising costs of everything from hotels to fishing and everything in between, we at key west fish fun and stay/Capt. Conch have developed and fine tuned a great way to save money in Key West. That’s right and you heard it right. A private charter can go anywhere from 800.00 to well over… Read more »

Key West Activities With The Natives

Key West Florida is the place where I was born and I feel I have been truly blessed to have grown up here. My love of the waters that surround our island has led me on many adventures, and has allowed me to make my living doing what I love, which was fishing. It has… Read more »

Key West Concierge

Key West Fish Fun And Stay, is your one stop shop for the best of all key west adventures and activities. We can also set you and your friends and family up with some of the best B&Bs in the country. Being born and raised in Key West has its advantages, our local and long… Read more »

Key West Summer All Winter Long

To our friends up north, that are experiencing a real winter with snow, cold, and slippery slopes. Make your plans to visit us in Key West. Every year summer comes down for the winter and stays all year long. If you are tired of carrying that shovel with you just to leave the house Call… Read more »

Key West Time Zone

In Key West we live by our own rules, and our list of rules is short. Change your watches because in key west we have our own time zone. Wake up with the roosters, because you don’t want to waste any time lounging when there are so many things to do. Make sure you do… Read more »


If you think key west is a great wedding destination, you should see our honeymoon opportunities. Key West offers some of the most beautiful and romantic B&BS in the country. They are all nestled in secluded little back alleys, and quiet streets throughout old town. The great thing about these B&Bs is they are all… Read more »

Key West Wedding Specialist

Key West is one of the premier wedding destinations in the United States. With our beautiful beaches and ocean settings, it is an ideal location for a truly inspirational wedding. We are also known for our bachelor, bachelorette parties. Remember what happens in key west stays in key west LOL. At Key West Fish Fun… Read more »

Thanksgiving Wahoo Bonanza !!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Do you ever get tired of that same old traditional turkey dinner, huddled around the fireplace with some hot chocolate and warm brandy. Well here in sunny Key West [ in between hurricanes LOL] you wont find many fireplaces but then again who would need them , living so close to the… Read more »

Fall Fishing is Heating Up

We are finally cooling off after a long hot summer.  With the cool off the offshore scene is looking great. The east current is here and all the fall migratory fish are moving in in large numbers. Tuna, mahi and more and more sailfish mixed with a nice wahoo day here and there. As far… Read more »