The Types of Fish you can Catch in Key West

Key West is one of the world’s foremost destination locations in terms of fishing. People come from every hemisphere and every continent to get a sampling of the fantastic fishing expeditions that can only be classified as one-of-a-kind. The main attraction to these exquisite fishing spots is the variety of sought after fish. Tuna –… Read more »

Come Home With Countless Seafood Possibilities After Spending a Day With Captain Conch Charters

Key West is magnificently beautiful, with its gorgeous weather, radiant sun, and esteemed fishing waters. Fishing is prime and adventurous at Key West, and booking a charter boat with Captain Conch Charters will only add to the fun. Fishing charters are a wonderful way to see the sights, enjoy the waters, and catch great fish…. Read more »

Why Deep Sea Fishing is So Memorable

You could fish near the shore, but deep sea fishing is much more of an adventure. With deep sea fishing, you’re venturing out into the great wide open—the sea all around you, far from land and civilization. It’s like being on another planet. To deep sea fish, you don’t use a little row boat. Instead,… Read more »

Fishing Charters Are Great For Group Gatherings

There are some activities that are fun to partake in alone, take solitaire for example.  Fishing on the other hand is more enjoyable to do in groups. It is a great feeling to reel in a big catch, especially when you are able to enjoy it with friends and/or family.  As such, many groups of… Read more »

How Captain Conch Charters can Enhance Your Key West Honeymoon

Planning your wedding takes a lot of work, but the reward for your diligence is a relaxing honeymoon.  However, it’s essential that you choose the right setting for your post-wedding celebration.  If you are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination, why not escape to the tropical Florida Keys for some leisure time with your spouse?… Read more »

Wonderful Weather

It’s almost December once again on our little slice of paradise. Feels like Fall, my favorite time of year. The summer has moved on. The shadows grow longer with each passing day; and the days become shorter and shorter. The first tiny cold front of the year has just brought a delightful change to our… Read more »

A word about Amberjacks (Carangidae):

Greetings from the Captain, Today we will do a little Science. We call it the Amberjacks, “Did you know” page. DID YOU KNOW, The term Amberjack refers to three species of Atlantic Fish of the Carangidae family (genus Seriola),which includes the Pompanos and the Jacks? DID YOU KNOW, The three Species are Greater amberjack, (Seriola… Read more »

Summer Fishing

Greetings from Capt. Conch, The Doldrums of Summer are slowly drifting past, and although the leaves never change color in our little slice of paradise, we can’t help but feel that change is upon us! We would like to celebrate this change with all of you . “A picture is worth a thousand words” Enjoy…. Read more »