Sails, Tuna, reef Fish!

WISH FULFILLED!!!!… our client said the only thing he wanted to catch was a sailfish… I told him right now we have been doing pretty good on Sailfish, and Blackfin Tuna….. so we trolled, with Ballyhoo, just south of Sand key light in about 200 ft of water looking for Mr. Sailfish… Low and Behold…….. Read more »

Blackfin Tuna, Sailfish, Fantasty Fest

There has been a flurry of fish activity in the Atlantic as of late… Tuna have been literally jumping in the boat, as have Sailfish….. much anticipated with the change of Weather here in Key West. Here is a picture of a client of ours (Kathy Medina) from Port Aransas, Texas with a nice Tuna…….. Read more »


As the weather starts to change, so do the different species that visit the waters of Key West also change…. the Drop in tempature has brought a nice run of sailfish into the area. Book your trip today and have the trip of a lifetime….

dog days of summer

Hi everyone the heat is on in sunny Key West FL..  Definitely been having some chamber of commerce weather, but at the end of each day you need to find a pool and a frozen pina colada in a big hurry. And when you find that cozy little spot don’t stop at one. Because after you cool… Read more »

summer time sailfish

We generally have a great run of sailfish in key west during our spring migration, which is usually  march and april. Or our fall run which is October and November. Fortunately we can catch a sailfish on any given day year round. Normally sailfish like to migrate along a color change in the spring and… Read more »

The east current has arrived

For those of you who love Key West summertime fishing, I have great news. Although we have had some great days of fishing in Key West we have also encountered many not so good days. Well one of The lower keys biggest problems has been the lack of current. Well the great news is the… Read more »

summer fishing continues to improve

What started as one of our slowest starts to our summertime dolphin fishery, is finally improving. We have also started picking up a few wahoo. our boats and crew continuer to show our guests a great time, not only with there fishing ability but also there outgoing and friendly personalities. Keep in mind this is… Read more »

Summertime is here and with it the dolphin

Yes our summer has arrived, along with the heat, so before you visit our local drinking establishments to wet your whistle and cool off with something frozen and delicious, you must first create a few fishing stories. To walk into the famous Sloppy Joes bar without a fishing story is like walking into the key… Read more »