Key West Bed & Breakfast

Growing up on Elizabeth Street in the heart of old town, I can remember walking through back alleys and hidden cul-de-sacs. I was privy to seeing some of these grand old homes before they were transformed into beautiful Key West bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels. It always amazes me to remember the beginning of this transformation, from ramshackle homes always in need of repair to the beautiful and statuesque mansions that they are today.

This transformation started in the 1970s when more and more people began to migrate to the area and fix up these old homes. They took them back in time, transforming them to their original splendor and giving us these beautiful homes and bungalows surrounded by glorious gardens and patio pools.

Today, these grand, old-time homes are 5-Star Key West bed and breakfast boutiques that will take you back in time.

These magnificent homes fill your mind with peace and tranquility as you sip mimosas in a garden setting, surrounded by native fruit trees and flowers. The great thing about the many bed and breakfasts in Key West is that they are all within crawling distance from the liveliest party street in Key West, which is the infamous Duval Street. Party central for locals as well as tourist!

Key West Fish Fun & Stay would be thrilled to welcome you to our little piece of paradise and set you up with a room at one of the best bed and breakfasts in Key West. Give us a call at 954-798-7764 today to discuss your trip, and don’t forget to ask about your discount on excursions when booking your entire stay with us!